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Laughs from nowhere

Humour is a force that binds and divides.

It is as hard to define as the force of love and yet as simple. When you burst out into an honest laughter, just as with love, it just happens.
Similarly, what may be infatuating for one, might be repulsive to the other. I expect everyone to have wondered why person next to them is laughing, just as I expect most people to have encountered love they cannot understand.

Unreal Tournament vs. Quake

Within the genre of first person shooters there is a sub-genre that are often called arena shooters.

Arena shooters focus on dropping you and a bunch of opponents into enclosed arenas with a bunch weapons with the sole objective of making your opponents less intact than you are. With such a simple premise, the creators of such games are forced to make the basics right, the core shooting and the movement in the world. The expectations on the breadth of the game are lowered in favor of a perfect “feel”. Only when the very basics are perfect, the creators start thinking about adding new gameplay elements on top of the foundation.

The black sheep of social media

Last week the company had a group activity where the following question had to be answered:

“How can we make our company seen?”

A broad but familiar question, one that I assume most companies try to figure out the answer to.

At the snap of your fingers

I’m by now profoundly tired of the misconception that has been floating around in our modern digitalized society for too long of a time. It thrives within the older generations, but is in no way limited to them. It goes like this:

Piracy is theft!

Stop. Now.

Configuring your Awesome 3.x install

After posting my guide on installing Awesome 3.x I got the inevitable question of how to actually configure it. This WM is not for the faint of heart.
On the other hand it does offer a lot of customization, should you know the lua programming language. I for one don’t, but that didn’t stop me from tweaking the defaults, and for most people that will be enough to get them started.

Pirate Party gets into EU-parliament

I’ve for some time now looked at extreme sides in conflicts/discussions as a kind of a necessity. It’s not that you will always agree with them, but they will inevitably broaden the scope of the argument.
I might, for instance, not agree with right-wing extremists, but having them there forces one into debates that would otherwise never be had, opening ones eyes to opinions outside what is seen as “normal”.

It was this kind of blindness to other opinion that permeated the Swedish (although not in any way limited to) politics when it came to a certain subject:

Unreal Tournament 3 + Titan Pack

When Unreal Tournament 3 was officially announced, a wave of mixed feelings went through the Unreal-community.

UT2004 was essentially everything most people could have ever wanted in terms of a shooter. Sure, there were going to be UT99 purists who would object to the style and the zealous Quake gamers who still claim that after Q3 the world could have stopped spinning, but disregarding people who would never have it any different than graphically updated clones, UT2004 was a milestone in FPS gaming. The mechanics were done right, the content was abundant, the community was sprawling and everything was kept at a impressively high standard. Within UT2004 we had almost everything we could ask for.

Now I’ve only been playing UT3 for the “Play UT3 for free!”-weekends offered on Steam. Since these have occurred twice I’ve got somewhere around 20 hours of total play time. I therefore don’t feel entitled to a final opinion, but I want to share my observations.

Why American humour doesn’t humour me

I went to see Dylan Moran yesterday.
I was quite hesitant at first to order the ticket, having two exams the same week. In retrospect however, I would never be able to forgive myself for not taking the opportunity to see my favorite comedian, bar none.

No Vista - No gaming ; Hate Vista - Love gaming

In my last entry I described my nocturnal attempts at installing an OS. After a little closer reflection, I shouldn’t have been so quick to blame the distros for dodgy discs and weird installs, sleep depravity and lack of will to fix issues (which were bound to arise) don’t give you privileges to fling poo at good OSs.

Late night OS adventures

So it was a late night, a day or so after the 23rd of April, Jaunty had just been released. I was very excited because I had been using Intrepid for a while, and I wasn’t as satisfied with it as I was with Hardy; an upgrade felt like a nice thing to do. It turned out that Jaunty had some issues that I at the time felt relatively unmotivated to solve, most notably no sound and an inability to install Awesome.

Perfect reason to start distrohopping.