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Late night OS adventures

So it was a late night, a day or so after the 23rd of April, Jaunty had just been released. I was very excited because I had been using Intrepid for a while, and I wasn’t as satisfied with it as I was with Hardy; an upgrade felt like a nice thing to do. It turned out that Jaunty had some issues that I at the time felt relatively unmotivated to solve, most notably no sound and an inability to install Awesome.

Perfect reason to start distrohopping.

3 x Linux vs. Eyelids

Debian was first up. I burned a stable Lenny ISO, rebooted, turned out i burned a dodgy CD, wouldn’t boot.
I instantly decided that I didn’t care for Debian since it wouldn’t boot, making it the most uncalled for discarding of a piece of software this year.

Next up was Intrepid, mainly because it worked to a larger extent than Jaunty. Obviously, the tired linduxed decided after a quick installation that getting the sound to work in Intrepid would not be fun (despite knowing that it would need tweaking regardless of distro), so Intrepid was also discarded.

Two systems in less than an hour, both cases making no sense whatsoever; that must be a record of some sort.

Next up was Arch. I really like this system, but I should have known better than setting up an OS pretty much from scratch when I was so tired I had trouble locating my hands.

I somehow managed to progress all the way up to the partitioning stage, which in retrospect I can’t decide if it was a good or a bad thing.
I came to the reasonable conclusion that having both a /home-partition and a /-partition might be superior to just having a /-partition. What was not as reasonable was to start formatting partitions and editing individual cylinder values while my brain tried to make it clear to me that the numbers and letters had transformed into hamburgers and frisbees.

This basically lead to corrupting the entire partition table, which made me call it a day.

Stroke of luck

The next morning I could confirm that I had no systems to boot into and that my brain was still in the mood for illogical decisions:

It was time to install Jaunty again!

Why? Because this time everything was going to work, I said to myself. A generously flawed assumption, but it turns out I was right. Apparently Ubuntu seeks to comfort Windows converts by being just as unpredictable, all the issues I had in the previous install of Jaunty seemed to fix themselves, an interesting feat indeed.

So the distrohopping ended happily, but what happened to Windows? A geek has to game right?