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Rants of a geek

linduxed's ramblings

Hello World!

This is my new digital home.

I have contemplated the creation of this site for the longest time, but never got around doing it. I’m not a perfectionist by nature, but there are certain areas that I get very meticulous about, most often areas that I already know how to maneuver in, where I can have a reasonable and educated opinion. Design, while not being an expertise of any sort, is one of those areas; my page had to look and work great for me to bear with it. Additionally, I was always bridled by the thought that my writing bore close to no relevance, interesting to me almost exclusively.

The first problem was solved by Squarespace (or indirectly by CO-OP, an amazing game-show that had SS as a sponsor). Not only did it help me to create a design I could feel content with, but it also gives me powerful tools to manage all aspects of the page in a simple way. This might not be a final design, nor might it be the last hosting service I’m using, but I’m very pleased with what I’ve got now.

The second problem, while more profound, was solved swiftly over the course of a few days about half a year ago, namely when I began my scholarship at KTH. I do believe that most of my Computer Science friends will agree when I say that we are, to a large extent, a congregation of geeks. I, for the most parts of my life, have found myself being the nerd of the pack; a nerd with the uncanny skill of being able to communicate with human beings, but nonetheless a nerd at his finest. The things running through my head we’re neither of others concern nor of their interest. Not the case where I’m now.

What the future holds

So with a page up, and incentive to write, two questions arise: What and how?

I can’t predict what path this site of mine will take, but I know my current intentions. The two main sections will be the Journal and the Notes. The Notes section will be where articles, tutorials and reviews will be stored, expect tech-related work. The Journal on the other hand will be taking care of the white noise running through my head, or at least the portion that gets transcribed. Hopefully, these two in conjunction will have me coming back to add more content. That concludes the “What”.

“How” is a question regarding language. My main audience will undoubtedly be Swedish, but the things I’ll write will most likely concern an international audience, regardless of how slim it may be. Knowing that we Swedes are really good at English, I’ve decided I’ll start off English only. I suspect I will sooner or later add a Swedish section of some sort, but I can’t say anything for sure. End of beginning

To wrap this first post up, I want to say that my hope is that the website I’ve created will some day be revered for the marvelous content it regularly gets updated with. One can only hope…